Our Team

Lauree Vallery,
Chief Experience Officer

The best things in life are experiences that you remember, that make you feel good and that result in a new connection with a product, a person or an organization. My whole career has been about finding ways to understand and build those kinds of experiences. With my team at ERS, I get to do this every day!

Jacqui Vallery,
Research Director

I love talking and interacting with people, whether it’s shopping with them, watching them, hearing their ideas or experiencing new concepts with them. After nearly ten years of research facilitation, I look forward to every project and am always surprised by the incredible learnings that come from each person I talk to.

Jane Matthews,
Account Manager

Working with brilliant clients with big dreams and helping them plan for great experiences is an honour. When an ERS Experience Map is completed, I feel an incredible sense of accomplishment and can hardly wait to learn about how customers will benefit from these well-planned experiences.

Ellen Vallery,
Research Analyst

Bringing experiences to life involves careful planning and editing of video stories. My work enables our clients to hear their customer’s own words in context with all the emotion and excitement that great experiences bring. If you see me in store sometime, I’ll be the one covered in gadgets!